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Not Your Average Slaw

Hey there, I'm Lesley Anne, and I'm so excited to sign in for my first guest post on A Cook's Connection. I couldn't wait to share this recipe with you today because I don't think the timing could be more perfect! The weather is warming up, which also means it's time to fire up your backyard grill and get it back in action. The weather on Sunday is especially looking good for a backyard cook out here in Georgia!

Something my husband, Kyle, and I really enjoy making as a side when we grill out is slaw. But not just any kind of slaw. We are suckers for Asian Slaw, to be exact. It's a tasty twist on the typical cabbage, mayo and pepper combo, and I promise your taste buds will love you for it! Here's how to make it:

Asian Slaw

• 2 packs beef-flavored Ramen noodles
• 1 15 ounce/1 lb slaw mix tri-colored slaw
• 1 cup of sliced almonds (toast them at 250 very briefly if you want)
• 1 cup sunflower kernels/seeds
• 1 bunch scallions, chopped
• 1/2 Cup Sugar
• 3/4 Cup Canola Oil
• 1/3 Cup Vinegar

Break (uncooked) Ramen noodles up in a large mixing bowl. Place slaw mix on top of the noodles, and then sprinkle almonds and scallions on top. Take beef flavor packets in noodles and mix with 1/2 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup canola oil, and 1/3 cup vinegar. Whisk together until the powder dissolves and pour over the slaw. Let the slaw sit for an hour and then mix right before you eat.

Super easy and super delicious! If you try it, I'd love to hear how it turned out for you. Special thanks to Kyle's mom for introducing me to this wonderful recipe.

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