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I am so glad you have decided to connect with us and our endeavor to expand our palettes with recipes and great cooking advice!

Here's how I envision this working...(which may change when my sweet, very articulate, and social network/blog savvy sister gets a hold of this and helps me see the blogging light! Check out her amazing blog, Front Porch Sittin' with the Fentons.)

Once I get up my first actual cooking posts, please respond with your advice, questions, and other recipe ideas. Your advice, questions, and recipes could become the topic of a new posting. Eventually, I want as many friends, family members, and other deemed experts, who wish to contribute their own posts, to have access to do just that- make posts to A Cook's Connection blog.
   {I got this idea from Beth Moore. She and her daughters make their own individual posts on her blog at  The Living Proof Ministries Blog.  If you love her teachings, want to be inspired, or just love good  real-life stories, check it out! }

                                         With more than a spoonful of sugar and love,

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